Beiträge über 'Young Scholars'

An der Universität Bremen findet von 21.-23. September 2016 ein Young Scholars Workshop zum Thema „Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Global Finance: Taking Stock“ der Forschungsgruppe zu „Transnational Political Ordering in Global Finance“ statt. Aus dem Call for Papers (PDF):

The Young Scholars’ Workshop seeks to take stock of the diversity in global finance in two ways: First, we want to bring together junior scholars, PhD students as well as Post‐docs, and Junior Professors, with an interest in interdisciplinary exchange, that are conducting empirical research on all aspects of global finance. Second, we seek to identify common themes (empirical and methodological) as well as promising theoretical approaches across disciplines to come to a more encompassing understanding of
global finance as a social and political phenomenon.

Proposals mit rund 300 Wörtern können bis 20. Mai 2016 unter eingereicht werden