Beiträge über 'Summer School'

Von 20.-24. Juni 2016 veranstaltet das Forum Scientiarum der Universität Tübingen eine internationale, interdisziplinäre Summer School zum Thema „Post-democratic Challenges“ mit Colin Crouch. Aus der Ankündigung:
Crouch maintains that a true market economy and liberal democracy require clear demarcation lines between politics and markets, but this is impossible to achieve. Instead, well functioning democracies have to build on means of political participation which go beyond the organization of periodic elections. They need a common public sphere, in which political discourse about the common goods can take place involving political parties, interest groups, NGO’s, media and other forums. If we want to preserve a minimum level of democratic governance facing global economic challenges, then we might have to move beyond the state and establish compensatory transnational democratic structures.
Bewerbungen sind noch bis 20. Februar 2016 an unseld(at) möglich.