Beiträge über 'Lausanne'

An der Universität Lausanne in der Schweiz sind in einem Forschungsprojekt unter der Leitung von Prof. Jean-Christophe Graz zu „Transnational private regulation, production regimes, and power resources (PR3)“ zwei Stellen ausgeschrieben. Im Zentrum stehen dabei u.a. Fragen von Arbeitsregulierung:
Stepping back from conventional debates on the overall effectiveness of transnational private regulation, the project focuses instead on agency: the effect of private regulation on the capacity of those involved, especially workers, to act in local contexts. This shift in perspective allows us to explore how different types of transnational labour regulation, different national settings and different firm-level contexts of application combine to form what we call hybrid production regimes. The study examines how those regimes vary in the degree to which they support workers’ collective capacity to take action to improve their own conditions of employment.
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