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An der Humboldt Universität Berlin wird von 4.-5. Oktober 2013 ein internationaler Workshop zum Thema Entscheidungsfindung mittels Konsens in politischen Arenen stattfinden. Auszug aus dem Call for Papers (PDF):
While this consensus‘ mode is prevalent in small social entities like families, there is also ample evidence of its usage in a variety of essentially political arenas: in parliamentary steering bodies, expert committees and arenas of intergovernmental cooperation such as the European Council, UN committees, or Councils of Ministers in federal states, the consensus procedure is applied to arrive at joint decisions. Yet, it is often overlooked in research: Little is known about its usage and functionality both in theoretical and empirical terms. Also, the consensus mode is often taken for unanimity as it is generally applied informally. However, while it tends to replace formal decision modes, the formal voting procedure can cast a long shadow
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