Beiträge über 'History of European Integration Research Society'

Aline Sierp (Maastricht University) und Eugen Pfister (Universität Wien) organisieren dieses Jahr die Konferenz der History of European Integration Research Society (HEIRS), die von 05.06.2014-06.06.2014 in Maastricht stattfinden wird. Auszug aus dem Call for Paper:
Attempts to generate a European cultural or political identity are almost as old as the European integration project itself. Official identity politics on the other hand are a fairly new phenomenon. Despite the fact that social scientists have invested considerable efforts in trying to analyse the latter, historical approaches are still underrepresented. This conference aims at understanding the on-going debates on cultural and political identity. It will investigate efforts made by different political and social actors since the 1950s to generate a sense of belonging to the European Union. How did early attempts of fostering a European identity look like? Who were the actors and agents? Is a common identity dependent on the actions of classical political actors? mehr »