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Call für Papers für die Konferenz „Labour Relations and Power in Global Production Networks – Conceptual and Methodological Challenges“ von 15-16 Juli 2013, in Kassel:
The Global Production Network (GPN) approach constitutes a novel and innovative perspective for the analysis of social, political, economic, and cultural phenomena related to transnational production. The shift from a “chain” to a “network”-metaphor in analysis of global production introduced new theoretical and conceptual issues to the debate and has informed various disciplines. For instance, there is a very fruitful discussion on the question how power, value and embeddedness are interrelated and measured on different scales. Also, questions of labour relations, workers movements, and social standards come into the analytical picture. Concerning the evaluation of shifts in GPNs, concepts of industrial versus social upgrading and their effects on labour, racism and gender relations are discussed. mehr »

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