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Magnus Ryner, Reader in International Political Economy am Londoner King’s College, sucht Einreichungen für einen Stream zum Thema „Financial Crisis and the Eurozone – IPE in Question“ im Rahmen der 8th Pan-European Conference on International Relations von 18.-21. September in Warschau. Aus der Panel-Beschreibung:
The British Queen famously asked why economics failed to predict it, and studies have remarked critically on its foundational assumptions (e.g. Wade, 2012). However, the Eurozone crisis indicates that the challenge is more extensive and does not exempt IR. European integration scholarship did not identify, let alone predict, that there might be a problem (Ryner, 2012). Even IPE has been rather underwhelming as a guide on causes and effects (Manokha, 2011). The latter is especially concerning, since IPE supposedly emerged to address ‘new instablities’ (the collapse of Bretton Woods, the oil crisis, globalisation), which were beyond the traditional disciplines (Ravenhill, 2005). Clearly, IPE struggles to convert mehr »

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