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Im Rahmen des ISA Forums für Soziologie von 10. bis 14. Juli 2016 in Wien bitten Dominik Baldin, Laura Dobusch, Elia Rubin und Elisabeth Wacker (alle TU München) um Einreichung von Abstracts zum Thema „Filling the Gap(s): The Potential of Diversity for the Future of Sociological Theory“. Aus dem Call for Abstracts (PDF):
Sociological discourse has hitherto referred to notions such as deviance, heterogeneity, intersectionality or (social) inequality, whereas diversity is commonly limited to diversity management or used as an umbrella term. Despite the growing popularity of the concept, European sociology lacks a systematic integration of diversity research.
Deadline für die Einreichung von 300-Wörter-Abstracts ist der 30. September 2015.


Im Rahmen der 8th Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) International Conference von 6-8 Juli 2015 an der Tel Aviv University in Tel Aviv (Israel) bitten Laura Dobusch und Katharina Kreissl um Einreichungen für einen Stream zum Thema „Organizing Emancipation through, despite or against (Diversity) Management?“. Aus dem Call for Papers (PDF):
[W]e think that it is particularly interesting to take a closer look at the relationship between the workforce diversity in organisations and the relevance of/opportunity for emancipatory practices. Over the last decades the topics of equal and inclusive participation of historically disadvantaged groups at the workplace have been increasingly framed as a legitimate management responsibility and are thus explicitly addressed by various forms of diversity and equal opportunity policies on a practical level. In this context the crucial questions arise: If emancipation is necessarily opposed to domination, can it be fostered or stimulated by a top down approach? mehr »