Beiträge über 'critical theory'

Von 14–16. Mai 2015 findet in Wien ein Workshop zum Thema „Analyzing Social Wrongs: Social Criticism in Analytic Philosophy“ statt. Aus dem Call for Abstracts (PDF-Version):
In the last thirty years however, an increasing number of philosophers associated with different traditions of analytic philosophy—be it amongst analytic Marxists, feminists or philosophers of race—has devoted their work to addressing issues more commonly associated with “critical” theory, broadly speaking. Among such issues are the nature of oppression, the impact and relevance of social structures, the explanation of ideology and its critique, to name a few. These developments present a challenge of the widely held assumption that philosophical analysis and social criticism are, if at all, merely accidentally related to each other. What is more, in claiming that some members of the Vienna Circle, out of whose work much of contemporary analytic philosophy developed, took their way of doing philosophy to mehr »