Beiträge über 'Critical Perspectives on International Business'

Am Blog Forum „Kritische Organisationsforschung“ findet sich ein Hinweis auf einen spannenden Call for Papers der Zeitschrift ‚Critical Perspectives on International Business‘ zum Thema “Voices at/from the Margins: Articulating the ‘Consequences’ of International Business” (IB):
„[T]he aim of this special issue is to establish a forum in which to articulate the consequences of IB by illuminating the voices at and from society’s social, economic, and political margins. In this endeavor, we seek well-crafted empirical and conceptual papers that account for the pejorative outcomes of IB, which specifically considers its implications on the lived realities of the most marginalized constituents of society, or what Gayatri Spivak (1988) labels—borrowing from Antonio Gramsci—the ‘subaltern’ (also see Prasad, 2009). We hold a broad understanding as to who legitimately qualifies under this label. We contend that it may include indigenous communities, exploited workers in both the formal and the informal economy, citizens living under (neo-)colonial systems such mehr »