Beiträge über 'Bankenunion'

An der Universität Trier findet von 9.-10. Oktober 2014 ein Workshop zum Thema „Five years of crisis – lessons learned and paths towards a resilient European Monetary Union“. Im Call for Papers (PDF) heißt es dazu:
We would like to invite papers on governance reform, banking union, central bank policies, fiscal union, including eurobonds and joint social policies, causes and consequences of economic imbalances, e.g. current account, temporary vs. permanent effects of austerity policies, early warning systems and crises models. This is a joint economics-political science conference, and we would like to have a mix of papers from both disciplines, and any other disciplines with relevant papers.
Abstracts mit maximal 500 Wörtern müssen bis 31. März 2014 an Christian Bauer ( geschickt werden.