PhD-Stipendium in Internationale Beziehungen an der University of Edinburgh

2. Dez 2015

Für ein mit einem EU Starting Grant finanziertes Forschungsprojekt zum Thema §Illuminating the “Grey Zone”: Addressing Complex Complicity in Human Rights Violations“ sucht Mihaela Mihai BewerberInnen für eine PhD-Stelle. Aus dem Call:

The project is broadly located in the literature on transitional justice and focuses on how societies can overcome a past of injustice and violence. It goes beyond the entrenched focus on victims and perpetrators and examines the “grey zone” of collaborators, bystanders and beneficiaries of injustice. Moreover, it seeks to establish whether artworks are better equipped than state orchestrated processes (truth commissions, criminal trials, reparations, etc) to problematise the murky area of complicity. In addition to the theoretical exploration, four empirical cases are analysed: authoritarianism plus military occupation (Vichy France), apartheid (South Africa), totalitarianism (Romania 1945–1989) and military dictatorship (Argentina 1976–1983). Details on the project can be found here:

Ende der Bewerbungsfrist ist der 1. Februar 2016.