CfP zu Genossenschaften und Partizipation: Cooperatives as a Fortress of Participation?

27. Nov 2015

annual-conference-egos-colloquium-logo-125x100-compressIm Rahmen des EGOS Collquiums 2016, der größten europäische Organisationsforschungskonferenz, bitten Irma Rybnikova, Christopher Land und Ronald Hartz bis 11. Januar 2016 um Einreichung von Short Papers für ihr sub-theme „Cooperatives as a Fortress of Participation?“. Aus dem Call:

Conceptual as well as empirical considerations regarding participative issues in cooperatives are quite contradictory. On the one hand, a number of authors (e.g. Rothschild-Whitt, 1979; Allgeier, 2011; Paranque & Willmott, 2014) place cooperatives into a prominent position among participatory forms of organizing, especially because of the principle „one member – one vote“. On the other hand, a range of concepts, such as the so called „iron law of transformation“ (Oppenheimer, 1913) or „degeneration thesis“ (for an overview, see Storey et al., 2014), express strong skepticism regarding participatory power of cooperatives because of managerial dominance over democratic efforts.

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