CfP: Economic Sociology and Sociology of Economic Thought: Lessons from the Ongoing Crisis

1. Nov 2012

Am Kolleg Postwachstumsgesellschaften der Universität Jena wird von 23.-24. Mai 2013 ein Workshop zum Thema „Economic Sociology and Sociology of Economic Thought: Lessons from the Ongoing Crisis“ stattfinden (vgl. PDF des Call for Papers):

 The recent economic crisis has led to a wide ranging debate about the shortcomings and blindspots of mainstream economic thought. Often enough, we here calls for a reform of economics. However, the formalization of economic arguing has deprived economics of any capacity to critically observe its own foundations. These would require further epistemological and sociological arguments that are usually located outside of economics itself. Economics is only able to change incrementally, a ‘revolution’ or major shift in its outlook appears impossible. The aim of this workshop is to assess and understand the impact of the crisis for economics (including the importance of economics for making the crisis possible), the contours and limits of economics and its scientific outlook. For this workshop, we invite contributions from all social sciences that pursue this question (broadly defined) and help us to understand the limits, contours and current changes of economic thought in this time of world economic crisis.

Deadline für die Einreichung von Abstracts mit maximal 400 Wörtern an ist der 15. Dezember. Im Falle der Annahme werden Reise- und Unterbringungskosten ersetzt.