Call: Crisis and Contingency: States of (In)stability

12. Okt 2012

Nur noch drei Tage, bis zum 15. Oktober 2012, läuft der Call für die 20th International Conference of Europeanists zum Thema „Crisis and Contingency: States of (In)stability“, die von 25.-27. Juni an der Universität Amsterdam stattfinden wird. Im Call for Papers heißt es zum Thema der Konferenz:

The current economic crisis of debt, the euro and unemployment takes place in a framework of highly dynamic creative and destructive processes occurring at various levels: globalization, heightened nationalisms, continued migration, shifting cultures, rising inequality, concerns over security, climate change, sustainable development, etc.

All of these transform definitions of Europe: of its geographical boundaries; of what institutions are needed to structure and resolve issues of policy and democracy; and of how Europe can and might interact with other parts of the world, from North America to revolutionary North Africa to the new powerhouses in Asia and Latin America.  The intellectual challenge of grappling with these changes in our world provides the foundations for an exciting meeting, held in one of the founding capitals of a global Europe.