CFP: Rethinking Marxism 2013: Surplus, Solidarity, Sufficiency

16. Nov 2012

An der University of Massachusetts Amherst wird von 19.-22. September 2013 die achte internationale Konferenz der Zeitschrift Rethinking Marxism stattfinden. Der Call läuft noch bis 1. Juli 2013 und ist für alle Disziplinen, Präsentatiosformen und Inhalte offen, die sich mit den Generalthemen „Surplus, Solidarity, Sufficiency“ beschäftigen. Im Call heißt es zum Thema und zur Ausrichtung der Konferenz:

„In 2013, 5 years into the greatest economic and social depression since the Great Depression, and 4 years after the last international conference convened, we want to invite participants to explore and interrogate three keywords: SURPLUS, SOLIDARITY and SUFFICIENCY. We find these keywords to be particularly useful in critically engaging with our historical conjuncture from different perspectives. Needless to say, fellow participants who would like to bring in other concerns, other concepts, other debates and engagements into the mix should definitely feel free to do so. Our international conferences have always functioned as pluralistic and open platforms that represent the vast richness of the Marxian tradition. When we propose these keywords, we only intend them as possible provocations for scrutiny and invitations for engagement. “

Weitere Infos auf der Konferenzseite.