CfP: Moving the Social

29. Jun 2017

Moving the SocialMoving the Social is happy to announce launch in print and online of our latest issue, Moving the Social 57 (2017): Transnational Humatarian Action: Atlantic and Global Voluntary Activities from Abolitionism to the NGO’s 1800-2000.

Our latest issue comprises the following contributions:

– Enrico Dal Lago and Kevin OëSullivan: Introduction: Toward a New History of Humanitarianism, pp. 5-20.
– Stacey M. Robertson: Marketing Social Justice: Lessons from our Abolitionist Predecessors, pp. 21-36.
– Kimberly A. Lowe: The League of Red Cross Societies and International Committee of the Red Cross: a Re-Evaluation of American Influence in Interwar Internationalism, pp. 37-56.
– Julia F. Irwin: Connected by Calamity: The United States, the League of Red Cross Societies, and Transnational Disaster Assistance after the First World War, pp. 57-76.
– Jo Laycock: Saving the Remnant or Building Socialism?, pp. 77-96.
– Rob Skinner: ìEvery Bite Buys a Bulletî: Sanctions, Boycotts and Solidarity in Transnational Anti-Apartheid Activism, pp. 97-113.
– Chris Moores: Solidarity for Chile, Transnational Activism and the Evolution of Human Rights, pp. 115-135.
– Jeffrey Flynn: Philosophers, Historians, and Suffering Strangers, pp. 137-157.
– Enrico Dal Lago and Kevin OëSullivan: Review Article: Prosopographies, Transnational Lives, and Multiple Identities in Global Humanitarianism, pp. 159-174.
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